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2018.10.02 11:51

[Fake IDOL]introducing BTS IDOL/BTS2018.10.02 11:51


Do you know BTS ?


Let's find out about BTS history.


South Korea's seven-member hip-hop idol boy group Bang Bang Boys "Bang Tan Sonyeondan Boys" (Bomb Boys Boys) is cut short BTS. But bulletproof means to block the bullet, which is actually the debut album of the bulletproof boy band We are Bulletproof PT. 2 is not official, but BulleTproof BoyS also means to pursue the meaning. After changing the logo, I added the word Beyond The Scene, which is now mostly used for this purpose.



" Bulletproof " means to block bullets, meaning teenagers to protect their music and values from social prejudice and oppression. BTS, which refers to bulletproof boys, means Bulletproof boys. In the big hit in July 2016, ' BTS, ' which has expanded into a concept that encompasses the past and the future, opened a new image of the brand identity of the bulletproof boy band and fan club Ami.
While maintaining the meaning of " preventing oppression and prejudice of teenagers, " the group changed its name to " youth running for dreams, " not being complacent. Fandom is an Ami (AR MY), and like bulletproof vests and troops, bulletproof boys mean that they are always with their fan clubs.Bangtan debuted with the single album, " 2 COOL4 SKOOL " (2013). Melon Music Awards, coming to Seoul It won the grand prize, Golden Disc, and the Gaon chart K-POP Awards. After making their debut, they continued their activities by releasing their first full-length album, " School Trilogy " (2014). It was the third mini album to be released in 2016. As of 2017, the " Hwayang Weaking " series has sold 1.05 million copies. Bangtan's " Hwayang Shilling " series has instantly emerged as the mainstream.
With their second regular album " WINGS " released in two years, they became the top idol group with an unprecedented milestone.
This album has recorded 500,000 pre-release albums and has recorded a total of 750,000 copies in sales over the past two months.
It has recorded the highest sales in the history of Gaon chart at 26 annual settlement. I have made it to the Top 10 of the Billboard World Album Chart for 18 weeks in a row.

Bangtan won the first M.net Asian Music Awards, Artist of the Year, Melon Music Awards, in December 2016.
She was the first K-pop group to attend the awards ceremony at the Billboard Music Awards in May 2017 and won the top social artist award. " Love Yourself ", the fifth mini album to be released in September 2017, recorded the highest sales volume of 1.2 million copies in 13 days since its release.Since then, the album has topped the Gaon chart annual album chart with sales volume of 1.49 million (January 12), the highest ever. The title song " DNA " made it into the 85th place from Billboard Hot 100, the main single chart in the U.S., to reach the first Hot 100 of a bulletproof boy band. It has since climbed to 67 within a week, renewing its top spot in K-pop group (76th place recorded by Wonder Girls ' English version of " Nobody "). It is also the first Korean singer to reach the Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard 200 list four weeks in a row. She was the first K-pop group to be invited to the American Music Awards in November 2017 and the only Asian musician to be invited as a " Perpomer " this year. In December 2017,  the remix version of the new song " MIC Drop " rose to 28th place in Billboard Hot 100, breaking the record of bulletproof boys and the record of K-pop group's best record and topping the iTunes ' Top Song ' chart[28]. Bangtan will be the winner of the Golden Disc Awards in January 2018 and go to Seoul following the Mnet Asian Music Awards, Melon Music Awards, and the Global Artist Awards this year. He won the grand prize for the first time, winning a total of four trophies, all major awards. Since their debut, they have sold about 5 million albums worldwide.

Bangtan ranked first on the list of the " most retweeted artists in a month " released by Forbes in March 2016. Then, Twitter released the first K-pop Twitter emoticons with bulletproof boys in May. In October 2016, the bulletproof boy band topped the Billboard social 50 list, becoming the first K-pop group to top the chart. So far, they have topped the social 50 charts for a total of 64 weeks. It was ranked as the fifth ' 2017 Power Celebrity ' by Forbes Korea in February 2017. " The World's Most Popular Boy Group " was introduced by the U.S. weekly " The World's Most Popular Boy Group " on November 20. The [39][40]New York Times, a leading American newspaper, was the only Asian artist to be named 44th on the list of ' Americans ' Favorite Artist.' In December of that year, they liked Twitter, according to Bloomberg News, the number of retweets surpassed the world record of 220 million and U.S.

President Donald Trump topped 210 million times.





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